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Postcard settings from La Dolce Vita.

The boot-shaped peninsula has an indisputable charm. There’s more than a few reasons it’s one of the most visited countries in the world year after year. It’s the perfect escape for both the experienced traveler and first-time tourist. Italian cuisine is adored by foodies the world over and serves as a safe refuge to those with the pickiest of palates. Combine fresh, Italian fare with enchanting coastal towns, cool Mediterranean weather with an abundance of art and ancient ruins, and you get unparalleled experiences at its luxuriant best. After all, there are few pleasures greater in life than sipping on an Aperol spritz and indulging in a plate or two of Cicchetti. We soaked up every bit of the Italian way of life and brought la dolce vita back home with us to keep. Keen on experiencing the Italian scene? Sit back and let us inspire your next Italian vacation abroad. This is our window into Italy.