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Dinner with a view.

Sat on a black rock lined pier jutting into Little Harbour is Abe’s By The Sea, a sleepy seafood shack that doesn’t boast its existence to boaters that sail by. When we arrived, Nicey, Abe’s wife, gave us a warm welcome in the form of a subtle smile and friendly wave. After we’d sat down and ordered she pointed us to the full, self-serve bar. There’s an honor system here: drink what you want, mix to taste and keep a tab in the notebook on the counter. This place is as laid back as the ambiance, and the soundtrack to your meal is the ocean waves underneath you. The sweeping greenery that engulfs the tiny harbor joined in with the electric blue waters and added to the serenity of the pier, making Abe’s the perfect place to have our last sunset dinner on Jost Van Dyke.