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Home cooked meal in Trastevere.

Taverna Trilussa is one of those can’t miss staples of Italian cuisine that’s done well keeping its local crowd unsullied by a revolving door of tourists. It was started in 1908 by the Pirola family, and today is run by two brothers who are all too happy to keep up the tradition. Maurizio and Massimo Pirola own the restaurant together, and it’s through their dedication to family recipes that they’ve continued to grow Taverna Trilussa into one of the most authentic Roman Italian eateries to find a home in the Eternal City.

The restaurant itself feels quite quaint, nestled on a bed of greenery parted by a cobblestone walkway, but upon the entrance, it opens up to reveal a tastefully decorated dining room that feels like home. The décor does its part to underscore the authentic flavors that culminate to make Taverna Trilussa’s menu, and in so doing, completes the experience that chefs like Matteo Fichera puts in to every dish. It’s a whirlwind of classic recipes, and while the amatrianca and mimosa ravioli are signature plates, Taverna Trilussa continues to up the ante with high quality ingredients, attentive staff and an incredible atmosphere that’s been building its reputation for over 100 years.