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A culinary scene with a touch of home in Havana.

Paladar La Guarida is just one of the many new style restaurants popping up all over Cuba as a result of softened regulations on nationwide reforms. In recent years, licenses were issued to paladares, or in-home restaurants allowing Cubans to legally operate paladares within their private dwellings. The Spanish term for in-home restaurants was derived underground from a well known Brazilian soap opera known for its main character whose business was named “El Paladar de Raquel”, and the concept has been referred to as paladares ever since. In-home restaurants have completely altered the way Cubans eat and transformed Cuba into a thriving culinary scene with the world taking notice. With a variety of unique atmospheric settings from the grandeur décor of mansions like La Guarida to the ambient charm of O’Reilly 304, both Cubans and visitors now have an abundance of options when it comes to dining out in the country’s capital.