A Window into History | Parthenon & Sounion | Travelspective

Wander through the most notable city in Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece is known for its Acropolis, an elevated center of antiquated cities that are not only held up by the hills they are situated, but also by the great minds of philosophers and politicians that once graced their lavish halls. Originally designed for its defensive advantage, these structures have been drawing foreigners to its impressive site for centuries. Through the years, the most heralded of these cities past has been the Acropolis of Athens. Home to renowned works such as Temple of Athena Nike and the Parthenon, this remnant of human history is considered among the biggest contribution of sculpture, architecture and other art form from classical Greece. But they’re not the only ones making a splash in Greek Anthropology. Roughly two hours southeast of Athens, perched precariously on the edge of Cape Soiunion, the mighty Poseidon claims his place among the titans of mythology. Visit his temple and soak in the ghostly presence of presents, prayers and practices from a religion long discarded. Fair warning: standing among the columns that helped define this ancient civilization would humble anyone, and it’s not hard to understand why. This place used to be the center of the world.