Day Trippin’ | Willy T's Pirate Ship | Travelspective


The phrase “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” is hard to ignore on vacation, and the British Virgin Islands is no exception. Willy T’s, an old barge converted into a floating bar located in the middle of the ocean, is proof of that. The concept itself is cool — tie off at the dock, allow the next boater to tie off to you and hop on board. Soon, what you have is a makeshift bridge of boats extending on either side of the barge. Hopping from vessel to vessel, mingling and sharing drinks with others is part of what makes this literal ocean bar shine. What the upper deck affords its visitors, however, is the real pièce de résistance. Pirates may walk the plank, but Willy T’s ups the ante by allowing patrons to take the twenty or so foot plunge from its upper deck straight into childhood fantasy.