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Morning Call Coffee Stand has been a New Orleans fixture for 146 years now making it more than worthy of its reputation as the ‘granddaddy of all beignets’ in New Orleans. The smell of fried dough fills the air here, and it’s as nostalgic to stuffing your face with funnel cakes as a kid at the local county fair. Eating beignets is a quintessential part of being a New Orleanian, as it is the official state donut of Louisiana. It’s a time-honored tradition consisting of hand-rolling dough before it hits the hot oil and is served up in all of its delicious, deep-fried glory. These puffed up pastries are piled high with a dizzyingly amount of powdered sugar and dissolve into silky sweetness in your mouth. We took the sugar hit and went where the heart and soul of New Orleans beignets began, and one thing is clear – Morning Call have thrown theirs lovingly into this charming little café.