Homebound | Home Sweet St. John | Travelspective

Treat yourself to a taste of St. John.

Every single one of us sprang up from somewhere, and getting back to our roots has always been cause for celebration. Good food, warm laughter, and reminiscing surrounded by the nostalgic memorabilia of our past make the thought of home a pleasant one. Those of us who left the protective wing of the house we grew up in know there’s no mountain too high or ocean too vast to keep that bond estranged for long. No matter where we go or who we meet, the sentiment remains— home is where the heart is, and after spending a few days with Tamika, it’s clear that her heart is with her family.

Etta and Zelphia started dishing out delicacies at a young age. Their motto? “We don’t measure, we just know!” and it was apparent that they knew exactly what they were doing in the kitchen. You don’t become the island go to spot for pate and curry chicken without first developing a taste for the craft, and these two women have the recipe. Jovial laughter accompanied the sharp sound of cleavers that tumbled from the kitchen, which just amplified the desire to dive in. Any good diner knows that when you have a melodic chef the food’s going to be a symphony of flavors worth savoring, and in this case, the rule and exception blended to accent the tantalizing aroma of butter conch and braised oxtail wafting through the room. The real treat, however, was watching these two in the kitchen. Personality boiled over and consumed the rest of us. These women not only preheated our expectations, but they also served up a warm welcome in the form of dinner and a show.