Map'D Out Iceland | Ice Cave Tour | Travelspective


A simple turn of phrase that we learned to heavily rely on while in Iceland. Nowhere is that term more applicable than when touring an ice cave such as Vatnajökullor Crystal Ice Cave. While the landscape is a luminescent blue that turns any penetrating light into glittering flecks of astonishment, the structure of the place changes consistently. At the time of our excursion, the bottom of the cave was 6 feet higher so we had to crawl around a bit to avoid the encroaching ceiling. In a few hours, wide-open spaces can turn into narrow columns that require skilled maneuvers, which take years to master. However, once you’re all set, be prepared for a workout that Mother Nature herself is leading — climbing ice cliffs that can be up to 50 steeply sloped feet, squeezing through tight holes and navigating boulder laden floors made out of, you guessed it, ice. So to those wanting to follow in our footsteps, we’d like to reiterate: go with guide.