Insight | Rhythm of Havana | Travelspective

Music makes their world go round.

Visit any Latin influenced bar and it’s highly likely that the live band will play Cuba’s world-famous anthem, Guantanamera, at some point throughout the night. If there’s one fine cultural contribution Cuba has given the world, it’s unquestionably their gift for music. As we walk the streets of Havana, we witness triumphant street performances played by Cubans who have a natural talent and deep love for rhythm. Proudly improvising with their congas, guitar, and saxophone in hand, Cubans play their own versions of classic hits with an infectious energy that wins over the most discordant of spectators. With influences having reached as far as Africa where melodies are influenced by rumba, and mambo makes up the famed dance sequence in Broadway musical, West Side Story, the world swoons over the musical influences Cuba has bestowed upon us.