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A love letter to St. John, USVI

Dear St. John,

Years ago we met via a mutual friend who had, for ages, insisted we come home with her to your island. You don’t get invites like that often, so when time permitted, we agreed to take the trip. Since then, you have become a friend whose relationship we’ve re-ignited annually. Five years have gone by and the bond we’ve cultivated under your tutelage, the people we’ve met on your mainland, and the drinks we’ve shared on your shores makes us look back and wonder what took us so long to begin with?

To know that you’re a part of the United States is like finding out you have a fabulous and wealthy distant relative in the family. But it’s your wealth of beauty that should be valued the most. Every cove you possess is unspoiled. Every hill blanketed in emerald green foliage. You are, by far, the fairest of them all, and being one of the three US Virgin Islands in the running, that says a lot.

People have been known to come for vacation and never return to their previous lives, and why would they? Being over 75% national park is a huge benefit when choosing a place to call “home”, and to be honest, we almost followed their lead. Your charm is irresistible. It draws wandering souls in and shows them what it means to stop and take in the ocean breeze.

Something this beautiful is to be appreciated, not coveted. There is a saying among travelers, “Leave a place better than you arrived.” But you flipped the phrase on its ear and left us better in the end. Your tranquility transcends that of a round the clock, non-stop lifestyle that so many of us are used to and lifts our spirits to see the world as you do. For that, we offer our heartfelt thanks. Until next year, when we can shed the weary weight of tedious time constraints, continue to stand as a shining beacon of breathtaking splendor. The world needs it.

– The Travelspective Team