Locals Circle | Mid-City, New Orleans | Travelspective

New Orleans’ friendly next-door neighborhood.

Everyone knows of the French Quarter. It’s where you go to play tourist in the vibrant city of New Orleans. But head north for a few minutes and you’ll find a neighborhood where locals go to enjoy their weekends away from the more festive side of the Crescent City called Mid-City. That’s where we met Salvador Longoria, a Cuban-born expat who now calls Louisiana home. In true southern hospitality fashion, he welcomed us with the vitality of the bayou and put into perspective why his home, Mid-City, is the place to be when the intoxication of Bourbon Street needs a night off. Here, folks can indulge in the same luxuries afforded to visitors of the flashier district next door but do so with a collective of people who understand how to stop and smell the crawfish. Working as a civil mediator, “Uncle Sal” lives in a world where finding balance is everything, but the way he enthusiastically expresses the multicultural camaraderie upheld here makes it very clear that having a strong sense of community is important to him. In our opinion, the one Mid-City has cultivated would be severely lacking without the energetic advocating of this proud citizen.

Mid-City, or “The heart of New Orleans”, showcases its spirit in sprawling parks and architecture that dates back to the 18th century. Centrally located, it’s the big, easy choice for a day trip in NOLA. Ringed by the waterfront district, suburbs, and a short ride from Bourbon Street, the southern hospitality here borrows heavily from the French, Italian, and Spanish stylings that make up a melting pot culture. The combination of street music carried over from the big city, and the expansive bridge adorned park are just a few of the benefits to this community. Given the inclination, one could go from luxury restaurant to canoeing within moments. Mid-City may not be a ‘life of the party’ kind of town, but it is the perfect place to witness some of the many ways New Orleanians enjoy life on the bayou. The pace of life is dialed down to a modest relax, and the people who live here follow suit.