Locals Circle | Wynwood Arts District in Miami | Travelspective

Welcome to the neighborhood.

John Lennon said it best, “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” Having a set trajectory when plotting a course for life is nice, but rarely an ideal adhered to by the powers that be. The flow of people and emerging boroughs across urban cities is what keeps them dynamic, so discovering a new one is well within the crosshairs of targets to hit when mapping future endeavors. To that effect, Wynwood, Miami, a neighborhood that has undergone dramatic changes over the past decade, has emerged as one of the latest creative hubs for locals in South Florida. With its explosion of street art, food, and craft beer, this city not only tantalizes the senses but it full on satisfies any desires a visitor may have. Still not convinced? Check out our A to Z guide for twenty-six different reasons to come and experience the thrill ride that is Wynwood. It’s enough to turn any vacation into a ‘staycation’.

Visiting a new city, no matter how adventurous a person may be, is always more comforting with the aid of diligent research, but where do you start? The staff at The New Tropic in Miami makes it their business to take the guesswork out of a new neighborhood. Resident insiders Bruce and Chris, who discovered this wisdom first hand upon arriving unexpectedly at Miami’s door, built the company to help new arrivals feel at home before they ever sign a lease. A concept perfect for tourists who like to travel like a local. Immerse yourself in area politics, health concerns, and transit information, or read about the best sushi restaurant and volunteer opportunities on one well-organized website. If you’re moving to Miami, plan on checking out some of their events, after all, they love it here so much they made it their business to guide newcomers.