Made In | Sequoia Sake in San Francisco | Travelspective


Water, rice, yeast, and koji is all it takes for Sequoia Sake, one of only a few companies making sake on the West Coast, to make a name for itself in San Francisco. Opening a craft sake business from scratch in an area where culinary expertise is the norm is a challenge on its own, but Sequoia is excited to be a trailblazer in its field. As Noriko puts it, “Just like with the tech startups, when you’re doing something new, something different and unique, people love it!” And with the rising tide of sophisticated consumers converging on San Francisco, we see her point. The goal at Sequoia is to produce well balanced, handcrafted sake for a local market. Currently, they only brew about 1,400 bottles a month, which is perfect, because the sake sold here is unpasteurized and freshness is key. The company is run with streamlined precision, taking about two months from start to finish on each batch, with the primary focus being that of the highest standards of quality. Each bottle is carefully labeled in-house with their unique logo being synonymous with local, all natural sake, and each sip is a testament to that.