Map'D Out Iceland | The Golden Circle | Travelspective

The Golden Circle is a popular route amongst tourists looking to venture out into Iceland’s pristine natural landscape. Starting in Reykjavik and going out into the center plains before looping back, it packs a multitude of geological sites in one easy to digest tour. From the ice river Gullfoss to the original geyser, Geysir, it makes adventurers out of all who are inclined to take a walk on the wild side of Iceland.

As if the natural beauty isn’t stunning enough, the Icelandic people have built impressive infrastructure to accent the fairytale feel. Most noteworthy to us was the multi-layered façade of the opera house Harpa. Bruarfoss falls, on the other hand, is an aqua blue river that rages between black rock terrain, giving the site a contrast that works in the green of spring or white of winter. However you decide to see it, the fact remains that the Golden Circle in Iceland is one of the many treasures that travel affords and it’s just waiting to be discovered.