Perspective | New Orleans | Travelspective

A soulful city that feels like family.

Dear New Orleans,

Don’t mind the formality of this letter, as we’re more than acquainted from the time we spent together this past April. As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by one of your fabulous citizens, Cynthia, a sweet woman who picked us up from the airport. And as soon as she said ‘Hey baby, welcome to New Orleans!’ we felt we had just met family. It took all but the thirty minute drive into the city to start calling her, Aunt Cynthia, and we quickly realized we would not just be collecting memories on this trip, but assembling a new family within your embrace.

New Orleans isn’t a city that hides its pride. On the contrary, it oozes from the buildings and lives on the streets. It flows through the blood of its citizens until it reaches a fever pitched crescendo, inviting all who are near to become a part of the festivities. There is love in the air here, and it takes the form of passionate musicians playing whatever they can get their hands on. It’s locals who proudly wear their fluer-de-lis and will invite you to their house for a meal soon after they just met you.

You’re very special, New Orleans. You went through hardships but came back stronger, and the love that permeates your city is palpable. We felt you claimed us before we got the chance to declare our love for you. But to us now, you’re family. The way you looked after us, we should look after you, as your city embodies all that is good about life. Soulful music, flavorful food and warm-hearted people. Keep doing you and we will be back.

– The Travelspective Team