Signatures | Tank and the Bangas | Travelspective

N’awlins style funk with this banging band from the bayou.

New Orleans is a city that has many talents, but the one heard most is its extensive music scene. Mixing a dash of poetry with a pinch of funk and a whole lot of soul, the Big Easy makes it very clear where Tank and the Bangas get it. It’s no secret that the French Quarter bleeds music— Drum machines, keyboards, and electric violins tear through the silence of night, but on this particular evening, Tank’s eclectic sound cut through the rabble of rowdy street performers to stand out loud. Blue Nile, located on Frenchman Street, used them as a shining spotlight, invoking their snappy rhythm, spoken word, and hip-hop flare to lure us in. Listening to Tarriona “Tank” Ball belt out catchy tunes with a wide range of melodies that go from soulful funk to musical theater not only drew us in but also offered a glimpse into the inspiration behind this uniquely diverse band.

Tank got her start like so many soul singers of the south, in church, but her humbleness off the mic in no way speaks to her presence on stage. She began with slam poetry and developed her sound over time. In 2011, her aspirations led her to find musical talents that would compliment her voice and The Bangas were born. Ever since then, they’ve been going strong, practicing in her aunt’s backyard, affectionately dubbed the ‘Yum Yum,’ and perfecting the art of storytelling through song. Now they’re booking tour dates, which you can check out here. Amidst raucous calls of the wild man’s music, this band has it all: meaningful lyrics, smooth rhythms, and a frontwoman that can run with the best of them. They left their heart on the stage at Blue Nile, and there wasn’t a single body present that didn’t appreciate the love. Music like this touches everyone, we dare you to take a listen and not feel the emotion of the Big Easy flow through your veins.