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Taste what’s brewing in New Orleans.

Mankind has been drinking beer since the dawn of society. The first documented proof of what many ancient civilizations have colloquially called ‘nectar of the gods’ comes from a Sumerian song dating back to 4,000 BC. Over the years, the craft of brewing has continued to evolve and what started as a cloudy, foamless, beverage has transcended its purpose of becoming more of an art form than a cheap alternative to wine. Today, there is no shortage of brands, flavors, and types of the golden brew available for widespread consumption, but among the titans of bottling suds sits Nola Brewing Company, a young and exciting brew house, that uses its passion for the city to create beers its city is passionate about.

This funky, little brewery comes equipped with knowledgeable staff and a chilled out bar room, which is great given the fact that we’d never had any of their beers before. Being an IPA man who now calls California home, I was pleasantly surprised by their west coast styled Hopitoulas, but the real pièce de résistance came from Whitney’s sour suggestion. Piety, the funky sour aged in red wine barrels, inspired an eye-opening event served in a pint glass. I’d say this stuff should come with a warning of devotion, but its name is the succinct definition of one.

The décor is what you’d expect from a N’awlins brewery: bright red exterior, wrought iron gate with fleur de lis crown, and festive art sprayed on the walls, but what it offers is more than fresh beer at reasonable prices. They’re a group that means business, and hospitality is their chief export. The greeting when we walked in was warm and sincere, not the rehearsed account that comes along with so many chains nowadays, and when the mention of a tour came up, Jordan immediately dropped everything to show us around. It wasn’t until later that we learned he was on his way out when he did, but such a small gesture, in reality, encompasses the general attitude of this bar. Dedication, love of craft beer and superior service— that’s what you can expect from NOLA Brewing Company.