Soundtrack’d | Music in New Orleans | Travelspective


New Orleans is a live concert waiting to be discovered, and around every wrought iron lined street corner, there is some undertone of musical talent. This city’s statement is one long, harmonious cadence. Tap dancing in boots, blues and jazz horns made out of reclaimed car parts, paint buckets used as drums; there is nothing too ordinary to be made melodic. Sure, there is plenty to see in New Orleans, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t stop and listen to the rhythm running through the Big Easy.

As music lovers, navigating the streets of NOLA was a dream come true. Finding new tunes played in styles you’ve never imagined possible isn’t hard here, the city takes its music scene very seriously. On any given night, you could run into impromptu parades that grow as people join the rank and file. Cars stop out of respect. Bystanders take pictures and police officers on horseback saddle up to march their approval. You couldn’t escape the music if you wanted to, and if you can’t beat em, join em.