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A love letter to Croatia

Dear Croatia,

We know addressing an entire country may be strange, but here goes. Last year we had the pleasure of meeting. You probably don’t remember us, but we remember you. As a nomadic production company, we finally found ourselves in your country after years of hearing how you are one of the ‘best-kept secrets’ in the Mediterranean. It’s always funny to hear that phrase. So often was it repeated that we were sure we would find ourselves coming to your door and arriving the last ones at the party. And worst yet, find that the ‘charm’ would be gone from the fatigue of playing host to thousands of tourists who show up in droves every summer.

But we found quite the opposite. Croatia felt untouched and untainted, almost as if the path had just been paved and waiting for us. As we made our way from Zagreb to Istria then down the Dalmatian Coast, with little to no understanding of the Croatian language, modest and generous strangers welcomed us along our journey. Reserved but relaxed locals willingly and graciously spoke about their lives and shared a glimpse of what growing up is like in a country that has consistently built itself up after war and various empire rule.

That resilience and quiet wisdom of knowing their history and appreciating the present is what we came to know as the true spirit of Croatian people. After just a few days on our journey, we learned that Croatians are the ones holding the secret. Croatians have mastered simplicity and have their priorities straight – family focused, emphasis on quality and freshness and pride in their wine. And you all should be proud. You’ve perfected the art of contentment and understand that quality of life is more important than having too much or growing too big. The beautiful terrains that range from lush waterfall filled enclaves to the island-speckled coastline along the Adriatic Sea truly were as beautiful as everything we’ve heard.

The ten days we spent in your country were not enough, and we hope to return to visit the new friends we have made and enjoy your malvazija while just letting the time go. This is our visual love letter to you to say thank you for being so hospitable to a group of curious travelers by literally opening your homes up to us. You are the starting point for where Travelspective began and will always have a special place in our heart.

-The Travelspective Team