Vantage | New Orleans | Travelspective


Hidden deep in one of the southernmost states of America is a city with an air of European charm that you wouldn’t expect to find this side of the Atlantic. From the 17th century French architectural work of St. Louis Cathedral to the iconic wrought-iron balconies covered in lush greenery, New Orleans is filled with romance and joie de vivre, a reflection deeply rooted in the city’s iconic designs. Like Gemini, New Orleans somehow maintains its elegance with an air of rebellion. The contrast of white-columned opulence found in the mansions making up the Garden District claims fame while the shotgun houses of Mid-City, festively coated in bright colors, touts the rustic charm of southern soul right down to the shutters. It’s inescapable. The infrastructure of New Orleans is an outright declaration that this town’s past is a gift worth preserving for future generations.

The very juxtaposition of these drastically different designs is what makes New Orleans leap off the page. Its history wanders down every city block, but changes face as quickly as visitors change districts. The humble stylings of Creole Cottages may melt into elegantly engineered mansions as you move along the bayou, however, one thing will remain consistent – New Orleans is a city that unapologetically displays its architectural accomplishments, and does so backdropped by the intense foliage of swampland greenery found only in the southern United States.