Winescape Istria | Kingdom Of Kozlovic Winery | Travelspective

All hail her majesty Malvazija.

Approaching Kozlovic, the first thing we noticed was the size of the property, it was much larger than the wineries we saw driving through Istria. The structure itself springs up from the mountainside to coexist in equal company with the grapes as modern architecture fuses with rural landscaping. The patio, which extends out over the stone walls of the home, looks down on the sprawling canvas of vineyards below. It’s the perfect spot for a tasting and is where we sat down to speak with Franco and Antonella, the owners of this illustrious Istrian winery, about what it means to be a part of a lineage that’s been making wine since 1904. 

Not being able to expand a business is one thing, but choosing not to grow too big as a way of keeping the quality you’re known for is another. Sacrificing the ability to oversee every aspect of their winery just to make a larger profit is not a risk Franco and Antonella are willing to take. As Franco put it, “if you respect the land, the heritage and the history of wine making, then good wine will follow.” This sentiment of being one with the grapes is apparent in the neatly kept rows of hand-picked vineyards and well-manicured lawn of the estate. Still, there is uncomplicated nobility here maintained by the couple’s mantra of living a simple, happy life.