Winescape Istria | The Brothers of Benvenuti | Travelspective

Get to know the big passion behind this small winery.

When speaking with the Benvenuti brothers you come to understand their philosophy on winemaking. To them the key to developing an exceptional wine isn’t expensive machinery or expansive plots of land, it’s family. The winery is situated in a sleepy little hillside town of no more than 80 people, and the jovial laughter of children bouncing off of the walls of the compound placates any assumption of a corporate assembly. After we‘d exchanged hellos the brothers invited us in and told us a little bit more about how they fell into the artistry of making fine wines.

In terms of love for technique and heritage, the Benvenuti brothers have them in spades. They’re a proud bunch that treats their craft with the respect it deserves and takes the family approach to business. Not only are they passionate about the wines they make, they’re also passionate about sharing them with families around the world, inviting all who’d like to sit down and taste the tradition of Benvenuti.